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Smell Market

The world's first Smell NFT sales platform

Lite Paper ver 0.8

  1. Business:Digitalized fragrance sales platform
    1. ​We are promoting the digital transformation of the fragrance industry by developing the world's first scent-based NFTs. Users can download digitized scent recipe data on their smartphones and use a dedicated diffuser to synthesize the scent.

  2. ​Vision:Economy of smell
    1. ​We aim to create a world where the purchase and enjoyment of scents are digitized, allowing users to easily experience various fragrances without having to visit physical stores. Additionally, we propose scent content for the entertainment industry and strive to create new value.

  3. ​Issue:Legacy of smell industry
    1. ​Our mission is to address the following challenges: digitalization and expansion of the smell industry, mass production and cost reduction of smells, difficulty and cost of generating and blending smells, and inventory and operating costs of perfumers.

  4. ​Solution:Digitize and print smell
    1. ​Addressing industry challenges, we harness digital smell recipes & printer tech. Digitizing scents allows consumers diverse enjoyment; perfumers cut inventory risks & streamline services. Result: efficient, digitized smell industry.

  5. ​Technology:Digital Smell Format and NFT
    1. ​We created DSF, a unique format for digital scent data playback on smell printers, stored as NFTs. Envisioning global manufacturers launching diffusers compliant with DSF standards.

  6. ​Token:Roles of Smell Token
    1. ​Smell Token (SML), a unique token for participating in fragrance industry's digital transformation. Token holders access various businesses & games on innovative Smell Market platform, expanding industry potential through digital scent data.

  7. ​Utility:Token Holder Privileges
    1. ​Smell Market platform offers early access to rare NFT fragrances for SML token holders, enhancing collections & enjoyment. Access rights to blend, sell scents & join competitions, enabling unique scent creation.

  8. ​Economy:Right to participate in this business
    1. ​Smell Token's token economy empowers individuals to participate in the fragrance industry and generate income by holding tokens, creating an economy driven by scent liberalization.

  9. ​Roadmap:Capture fans first
    1. ​Launching a scent data download platform, we'll collaborate with the entertainment industry, targeting fans for business expansion. Anticipating fan-driven sales, we aim to broaden our reach to the mass market and acquire general consumers.

  10. ​Team:key members
    1. ​Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs with a history of successful buyouts, as well as talented designers and sales members, all working together to drive innovation and growth in our company.

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